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From grants to scholarships to loans to work-study and beyond, Berkeley offers a wide range of financial aid programs designed to help you fund your education.

Start here to explore the numerous financial aid programs we offer.

Viewing Your Awards

Log in to CalCentral, and at the top of the page, select “My Finances”. Below Financial Aid and Scholarships, select “View Awards.” This will provide you with all of your financial aid information for the academic year.

You can view the Task section for additional documents you may be required to submit. If you have additional questions, please contact Cal Student Central.

Note: Your financial aid awards (loans, scholarships, and grants) with the exception of work-study, will be applied to your bill in CalCentral prior to the start of each term. Fall and Spring aid is disbursed the week before classes begin, and Summer aid is disbursed 10 days before your first Summer Session begins. If you have more aid than charges, a refund will be issued to help you with books and living expenses. If you have more charges than aid, there will be a balance due. Be sure to accept your financial aid awards, complete your aid application and related tasks, enroll in at least one class (more units are needed for loans and some grants), and clear any registration holds so that your aid can easily apply to your CalCentral balance. 

Title IV Programs: Authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, these federal student aid programs include federal grants, loans, and work-study programs for undergraduate students, as well as federal loans and the federal work-study program for graduate students.


Berkeley offers a variety of scholarship programs that can help you fund your education. Scholarships are a form of gift aid, or free money, and differ from loans because they do not need to be repaid. In addition, you can search for outside scholarships to help with your educational expenses. We encourage all students to search for outside scholarships throughout their academic careers at Berkeley.

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are money you bring with you to Berkeley. If you already have a financial aid package and subsequently receive an outside scholarship/award, your financial aid package will be adjusted for that award, and is dependent upon the conditions of the award. Generally, need-based loans and work-study awards are reduced first to “make room” for that award. Outside awards that are split evenly between semesters have a more positive impact for students. You should report any outside scholarships received on your CalCentral View Awards page by clicking the “Report Outside Resources” link. For more information about managing outside scholarships, please refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office website.

Note: In most cases, receiving an outside award cannot replace your expected family contribution, though some exceptions may apply.


Grants are gift aid, meaning they do not need to repaid. Grants are awarded from federal, state, and university sources according to your financial need.

Please note that incoming nonresidents and international students are ineligible for need-based University Grants. AB540 students are considered California residents for need-based grant awarding purposes. Please see the Meeting Nonresident Costs and International Students pages for helpful resources.

Prizes & Honors

The Prizes & Honors Program at UC Berkeley is an important forum for rewarding creative expression and scholarly achievement by Berkeley’s finest students. Winners receive both recognition and a cash prize, which is coordinated with the winner’s financial aid package. Prize competitions are open to students of any major.

Note: Prizes & honors may result in an adjustment to your aid package. For more information, please contact Cal Student Central.


The Work-Study Program encourages undergraduate and graduate students to earn their financial aid through part-time employment. Work-Study awards are granted based on financial need, as reflected on the FAFSA/CA Dream Act. You can review if you have been awarded a Work-Study award by logging into CalCentral. If you don’t have a Work-Study award, you may be able to convert eligible student loans to Work-Study by clicking the “Convert to Work-Study” link in your “View Awards” page. If the amount available to convert is greater than $0, then you have loans eligible to convert.


Educational loans are another essential way you can invest in your future. Berkeley offers federal, state and institutional loans; you can find all of the deadlines, terms, and details on the Financial Aid loans page.

Accessing your loans is easy. Login to CalCentral and head to the “My Finances” tab to view, accept, reduce/cancel, or convert your loans.

Completing Certification Forms For Outside Donors

To obtain an official enrollment verification document for your donor, visit CalCentral My Academics and select the Enrollment Verification link under “Academic Records”. To obtain a financial aid summary, please visit your CalCentral My Finances and select the View
“Multi-Year Aid Summary” link under Financial Resources or View Awards.

If these official documents do not suffice for your donor’s needs, third-party enrollment and/or financial aid certification forms can be completed by either Cal Student Central or the Office of the Registrar. There may be a special processing fee associated with this request.

For assistance with a certification form, please contact Cal Student Central.

Veteran Benefits

UC Berkeley Veteran Services offers information related to the types of benefits, certification of benefits, contact information for dedicated support, and campus resources for students who have served in the military. Additionally, we encourage you to file for financial aid if you will need additional aid during the academic year or while you are waiting for your VA educational benefits to arrive. To apply, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Once your VA educational benefits arrive, please contact Cal Student Central.

Study Abroad Aid

You can study abroad for a semester, the full academic year, or even a Summer Session with financial aid support, and you may also receive additional scholarships specific to study abroad students. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will partner with you to facilitate your transition into the study abroad program of your choice, as well as adjust your financial aid to meet your educational expenses associated with your study abroad program.

International Student Aid

Funding an education as an international student at a university in the United States can be challenging. International students are ineligible for federal, state, and need-based university financial aid. Only U.S. citizens, eligible non-citizens and AB 540 eligible students can be awarded federal, state and/or institutional need-based financial aid. We recommend reviewing these helpful tips and resources for securing educational funding as an international student.

Learn More

Financial Aid for International Students

Short-Term Emergency Loans & COVID Assistance

Short-Term Emergency Loans

If you need an emergency loan, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office offers short-term emergency loans to graduate and undergraduate students. These interest-free loans are designed to help students meet unanticipated expenses directly related to the cost of education.
Obtain a short-term emergency loan in three easy steps:

  1. Apply via CalCentral. Use this step-by-step guide to get started.
  2. Sign Promissory Note.
  3. Pick up check at Cal Student Central or funds will be disbursed to your account in CalCentral.

Please remember:

  • A registration hold may prevent your ability to obtain an emergency loan.
  • An existing balance from a previous emergency loan may prevent your ability to obtain a new emergency loan.
  • You have 60 days to repay an emergency loan before late fees and holds are placed on your account.
  • Sign up for direct deposit, also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), to direct deposit funds. Emergency loans paid via direct deposit may take three to five business days to process.


  • Emergency loans are interest-free and are due in approximately 60 days.
  • Your emergency loan and the application fee (if applicable) are billed through your account in CalCentral in two business days.

Repayment Options:

  • Electronic Payment within CalCentral
  • By Mail: You can mail your check to:

University of California, Berkeley
Payment Services
2195 Hearst Ave, Ste. 120, MC #1111
Berkeley, CA 94720-1111

Drop Box location:
Located at the entrance of University Hall on the 2199 Addison Street side.

Please make the check payable to “UC Regents” and include your student ID number (SID) and your emergency loan check number or “to pay emergency loan” in the memo area of the check.

Important Information for Financial Aid Recipients

If you are receiving financial aid, please be aware that once your financial aid posts to your account in CalCentral, it may pay off the emergency loan and the application fee before the due date. There is no guarantee that this will happen, however, and financial aid may not pay any of it. It is your responsibility to monitor your account activity in CalCentral.

COVID-19 Service and Support

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and Cal Student Central are coordinating their efforts to support students and their ability to access services while also offering useful strategies during ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments and the campus shift to a temporary alternative instruction format.